Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

SMS sending through mobile device:
1-Messaging charges apply as per your plan chosen with the service provider. Please contact your service provider for further pricing details. 2-Standard charges will apply by sending messages to subscribers, out of country as per rules and regulations of your service provider.

Nimble Messaging requires two permissions in order to enable messaging through device: -Read and Send SMS -Read Phone State In order to enable messaging through SIM, you must allow all permissions. You can Enable and Disable any time the feature of device messaging. you can also Enable and Disable Message response by subscriber which will be send to your application server.

All your personal messages and contact numbers are secure we will not disclosed them to any other third pary.

SIM selection:
Nimble Messaging Android App will auotomatically detect active SIMs in your device and you can select any SIM to send messages based on number of SIms active on your device.